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That was probably one of the most fitting series finales I have seen. One of maybe 3 or 4 episodes of TV that made me cry ever.


I knew going into it that Walter was going to sacrifice himself, although not how I was expecting. It was somehow more depressing knowing he would actually be alive and not with his family, who he sacrificed so much for to be with. Then September volunteers and it was such a relief. I should have know it would be a short lived relief and that Walter would still have to make the sacrifice. I guess I wanted Walter to be happy so bad that I was just blind to something that would have normally been obvious. He asked to make that sacrifice though and it is fitting he was able to do it.

Thanks Fox for sticking with it even though the ratings were not what they should have been. For once the network did the right thing with a show of this caliber.
Completely agree. I'm still a mess. Incredibly emotionally satisfying.
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