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*walks in, looks around, nods in approval*

Nice digs.

*drops suitcases*

So! Where to start, where to start... Oh! I know...

Silver Linings Playbook

Watching Jennifer Lawrence’s performance here only reaffirms my subscription to that nugget of wisdom from WWE champ CM Punk – “I dig crazy chicks”. Tag to that the best single performance I’ve seen from Bradley Cooper (considering he’s just getting started as a “serious actor” in the heavyweight division), who delves into the manic headspace and mood-swinging heartbreak of a bipolar man trying to put his life back together after a severe meltdown. The theme of mental illness resonates with me for reasons I won’t get into, but David O. Russell crafts a story about just such affliction with emotional sensitivity, some dark but honest comedy, and a general understanding that those on the margins are people just trying to get by too, however quirky and abrasive they might be outwardly. Cooper and Lawrence are phenomenal together, and I can’t help but think their big dance number near the end of the film has to rival Travolta and Uma from Pulp Fiction on some level, for iconic power. The ending, anyway, which had me busting up. Django is still my number one film of the year, but this is on the list somewhere, for sure. And it was just so great to see De Niro acting again. I stress acting, not working.

-> 8/10