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I can not understand why even a adult would want a doll like this since the doll was about a man who was a slave but ended up being a freed man
I wonder why they would depict a doll like this when theses days things are diffrent and black people have the freedom they desearve
People want it because it's a movie character. It's not real. Why would someone want a Cobra Commander toy when he's the leader of a terrorist organization that wants to rule the world? It's not real. If you see someone with a Freddy Krueger tattoo you say "that's cool" and not "dude, that's a child molester on your arm".

Americans are just way too sensitive about slavery because it's their own history. Nobody cares when their son is playing with a 12" nazi from Indiana Jones. Nobody cared when Hot Toys released the Jew Hunter from Inglorious Basterds. "Oh no son, you can't play with Calvin Candie, that's wrong. Here play with Hans Landa and Karl Ruprecht Kroenen and their never ending quest on decimating people with big noses. Attaboy."
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