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But KK, Funny Games with Let Me In and The Ring were quality. The Ring was the only J-horror remake that worked as far as i am concerned as it was done as it's own and played to the original's strengths while respecting the source, Gore Verbinski is quite a talented filmmaker and his version was very well made with good actors. It did wonders for The Ring and it hasn't worked since with other J-horror remakes and it's time for filmmakers to move on right?

Let Me in was excellent and was made by Hammer as it was their first movie in years! plus it honored and respected the original by recyling a few memorable quotes from the original, doing a new opening, different angle on the story and stuck to the story. Matt Reeves did a labor of love with his version of the Swedish original that even the author of the original novel approved of the film and considers it a very well done version. Reeves did alot of good will by refusing to fix what isn't broken and he's right. Same for Funny Games as it was made by the same director.

Do you agree that Cat People (1982), Cape Fear (1991), Night of the Living Dead (1990) and Nosferatu (1979) also belong on number 8 "Honor the original"? they fall in this category as some did had cameos by original members, recycled memorable quotes or sticking to the story and also did goodwill of refusing to fix what isn't broken.

I agree with you KK on carbon copies, some movies just don't need improving and both Psycho and Omen i had the unfortunate viewing to see both in theaters bored the hell out of me as they were just shot-to-shot word-by-word scene-by-scene clones of successful originals with nothing new or exciting to them and boy did they failed miserably or what? i agree that if we wanted to see the original, we'd watch it.

What about number 9 "Make it reveleant"? afterall Dawn of the Dead 2004 and Fright Night 2011 fall in this category as they say something about the way we live now, afterall vampires and zombies are more popular than ever.
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