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Sorry, I wasn't a fan of Let me in (I just didn't feel why it was necessary to remake it and the remake lost a lot of the charm of the original, IMO) and I really did not enjoy The Ring - It's been a long time since I watched it, but I still remember how the climax of the movie was ruined - Instead of the tension building in the original with Sadako slowly plodding towards you (as you knew regardless of what the guy did to get away, he couldn't), we had Samara moving at lightning fast speed... Nah.

Haven't seen Cat People, but I agree with you on the other movies you mentioned, as they do fall into the rule 8 category... Haven't watched NOTLD '90 for a long time, so I'll need to remedy that.

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I think it's laughable that anyone could say Hellraiser needs a remake.
With you 100% on that one!
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