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Movies in Thailand

I was in Thailand recently and saw 2 movies (Hobbit twice and Jack Reacher). You pick your own seat like at a concert and pay based on the seat location. The cost is about $6 and $7 for 3d. The 3D 48FPS Hobbit was awesome. All the theaters are new and stadium seating. The popcorn is sold 4 different ways (salt, caramel, strawberry, sugar and salt). A large popcorn and soda cost me about $5 bucks. The theaters are almost always in a mall. They sell Fisherman's Friend cough drops and other weird shit too, but typical asian stuff. Before the movie starts, you have to stand and watch this very respectful 2 min film about their king, which they love. They also censor some of the bad language, nudity and violence. Movies usually play in every theater for about 2 or 3 weeks, so you have to see a movie when it comes out. The oddest thing is if you ticket says the movie starts at 9 pm, you are not allowed into the theater until 9 pm. Then the movie starts 5 min later. Most of the movies are in english with Thai captions. After the movie, I had to make my way to the bottom of the mall, go to the street and find a cab. There is almost no one around at midnight or 1 am. Good thing I am who I am. lol
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