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Disturbed or Frightend-Do you have a preference.

It's possible that you may not think there is a difference but I think there is. If you take Dead Mans Shoes it doesn't so much frighten you as disturb you, when you see the back story and what motivates the lead character it unnerves you.

However if you watch CreepShow the picture plays for frights i.e the monster in the crate or what happened to Ted Danson. Shock!

I know a lot of films use both techniques but one tend to take precedence over the other, I saw Death Dream/Dead of Night yesterday and I would say it was more disturbing/tragic than frightening.

I feel atmosphere and dread imprint a film on the mind and make you think longer than a movie that scares you.

Do you?

I have The Imp all set to watch soon and I kind of hoping that plays on dread and doom rather than scares.

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