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Gay's contract was awful and the Grizz committed a lot of money to other guys down the road. Randolph and Gasol are gonna be making over $30 million combined over the next 3 seasons. They just couldn't afford paying a starting frontcourt $45 million, which would've been the case had they kept Gay.

They signed Gay before they changed their identity. Now, they're the most physical team in the league and they run their offense through the best big man combo in the league. They need a small forward who matches the physicality, plays D (somehow, Gay is an awful defender, despite his length, reflexes, and athleticism), and can spread the floor (Gay is an average jump shooter). He just doesn't fit the new mold of the team.

They're worse right now, but they did have a solid playoff run 2 years ago with Gay hurt. Can they beat OKC now? No. but I'm not sure they could've before. I would've liked to see them go down swinging and keep Gay for this season, but I understand the business implications.

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