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I disagree with you on the point of joking. I really think rather than focusing on who is joking and responding with humor we should pay attention to who is the joke here. And that would be you. Why in the world would you dislike actors with large foreheads? It's a sign of intelligence as the forehead is the skin covered frontal bone. It contains behind it the frontal cortex. The larger the lobe the greater the amount of brain matter and in turn the greater the volume of brain cells that is contained. Now when neurons and glia translate to brain tracts (neurons do not reproduce because they retain skills and memory for your entire life. the more you have the greater the capacity of the network.) then higher cell volumes would mean more tracts and a more complex sense of awareness and humanity.

You imply by hating such actors that you have a highly developed disdain for intelligence and, well, a large number of people on this planet. There are a lot of people with large foreheads along with large scaled sections of the rest of their heads. Is there something wrong with them as well? If I have a large head is there something wrong with me? What drives you to hold people fitting these qualities in contempt?

Is this all about you? Do you have a smaller than average head that you are self-conscious about? I don't know if I am going to get an answer back from you addressing my questions and comments. But, I do know there is something wrong with you if all this is not some kind of extensive joke.

I feel like I've just stepped into a light version of the Twilight Zone. I hope you were high or intoxicated in some way while writing this.

What a waste of time.

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