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Whats wrong with just watching one of the most compellingly sad and loathsome character's in quite some time being put to screen for two hours?
Cue emo music*

jk...but in all seriousness, I don't need a character to change to be a good character and there are no written rules about how to write a character, (other than the obvious fact that the character has to be engaging in some sort of way, be it negatively or positively). I think the reason characters with growth tend to appeal to the masses more is that they inspire something in us, as well as reflect some of our personal ambitions and goals in life. They give us hope, while stagnant characters can frighten us with the dangers of never changing and being left behind by the world. Everyone gets some sort of comfort out of certain routines or elements in their lives that stay the same, but I think we can safely say that the majority of us have a desire, (be it however large or small) to stay relevant to/part of this world as it grows and changes itself.
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