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Isn't working for me either, on Firefox (version 16.0.2) or Safari (v 5.0.6). I enter my username and password, hit submit, a "new page" loads right back to where I was with the username and password field reset and without me logged in. It doesn't say anywhere that my username and password are wrong (they're not) but it's behaving that way I guess. There's never any place for me to submit my entries coming up. Clearing my browser cache didn't help.

It says voting is open until Monday, February 4th at midnight which either happened last night or will happen tonight depending on how you look at it. Is it possible voting is already closed?
That's very weird. I had a similar issue originally, but when I cleared my browser cache, it worked! Unfortunately the voting ended Monday night at midnight, but we receive more entries than ever, so we'll be fine in terms of finding the TOP 5 for each category. Thankfully the next part of the GOLDEN SCHMOES does not require a login...