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Rumor?: Xbox 720 will require an Internet connection to function

Rumors regarding the next round of consoles are always taken with a grain of salt, but when a respected gaming publication like Edge prints details about the new hardware, you tend to take a bit more notice. And what Edge has learned is not going to make gamers rush out and buy the next Xbox.

With the launch of the Xbox 720 Microsoft is expected to completely wipe out the used gaming market. The reason being the console will be an always-connected device that will require a constant connection to the next version of Xbox Live in order to function.

The games will be made available to buy through Xbox Live or in physical form using a 50GB Blu-ray disc format. The leaked specs of the machine are also accurate, with Microsoft choosing to use an 1.6GHz 8-core AMD processor, 800MHz GPU, and 8GB RAM. We can also expect the next generation of Kinect hardware, but this will again be a separate product gamers can choose to buy.

Edgeís details come from a source who has been working with the new Xbox and PlayStation, so most likely a developer. They also said that this time itís Sony who has the upper hand simply because they are giving developers much more freedom with the hardware and development libraries. So while the hardware may end up being very similar in both consoles, itís going to be easier to work with the PS4 and get more performance out of it.

By forcing an Internet connection Microsoft will be taking a big risk and could force gamers to choose Sonyís hardware instead. Thatís assuming Sony donít implement the same always-connected policy. The option to switch to Blu-ray comes as no surprise as there is no other viable large-capacity disc format Microsoft could use. ,

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