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The first Blade is an overrated action flick. I just don't get the end, Deacon needs all the elder vampires to complete a ritual but he already killed two of them before he could start. How the fuck is it possible to complete the ritual then?

The second Blade is awesome. Luke Goss makes a great villain and the Reapers look fantastic. The fight scenes are good too.

Blade Trinity is the weakest. Ryan Reynolds was the best part about it and he steals Wesley Snipes' thunder as the charismatic Hannibal King. Oh and that 1.5 second shot that reveals that Parker Posey wears stockings was nice too. Fapppity-fap-fap.

It's strange how people complain Twilight pussified vampires when the vampires in Blade are fragile as fuck. Just about anything makes them explode into dust. If they step into a thumbtack it's bye bye for them.
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