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sequels i would love to see.P.s i know some of these won't get made but it's fun to think about it.
bad boys 3-I suggest the rock or channing tatum as the villain that be cool to see
lethal weapon 5-I know they're both old but still it would be fun to see
the matrix 4-i hated revolutions so they need to go out with a bigger bang for real
blade 4-this would be a great snipes come back i know he can still do it i have faith in him
harold and kumar 4-or a neil patrick harris spin-off will do
back to the future 4-imagine how that'll turn out,im shaking just thinking about it
hellboy 3-cause hellboy 2 kicked so much fucking ass
the incredibles 2-I agree this needs to be made ASAP
roger rabbit 2-with todays special fx this would kick so much fucking ass
indiana jones 5-I think ford has enough left in him to do at least one more
superbad 2-I would love to see the continuation of these hilarious characters
final destination 6-Cause for me five of these movies just wasn't enough,i want more
hancock 2-how bout a sidekick for hancock that'll be fun to see
crank 3-I Know crank 2 bombed but this really needs to be made
jackass 4-no explanation needed for this one
alien 5-one more ripley adventure will do
ghostbusters 3-now this one has the least chance of happening but it'll be cool to see the gang back again
id4 2-make it bigger and less boring and get channing tatum as smith's new sidekick

that's all for now,i know i have more but it'll take mad long to make a list
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