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I can't argue with any of those choices, but sometimes his love for certain movies can mess up his predictions. I remember he predicted Million Dollar Baby for Adapted Screenplay and then was surprised when Sideways won, which was the frontrunner there.
Yes, his biases do cloud his judgment sometimes in predicting the Oscars, but sometimes he goes out on a limb and ends up being right. As I recall, he predicted Crash to win Best Picture at least a month before the ceremony. There was even a thread here called "Ebert has lost his mind" or something like that when he first made that prediction. That being said, he didn't go for any unusual picks this year, so that won't be a factor.

Also, for those who haven't seen it, here is the clip of Emmanuelle Riva winning the BAFTA:

The reason I'm posting this is because I think people may begin to talk about David O. Russell's obviously bitter reaction to her winning over Jennifer Lawrence. Skip to about 2:44 in the video to see it. I realize he's always had a reputation for being somewhat of a hothead, so it's not really surprising to me, but I just thought I'd post the link in case this turns into a minor controversy (which it might in these final 2 weeks of the campaign). It's worth noting that Jennifer Lawrence doesn't look too happy either, but at least she's not overtly upset like Russell is.
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