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Movies I tell people to watch? Pt 6

I'm Back! Currently been watching the new "Dredd" movie almost every night can't get enough of it, Love the tone, and the style of that movie. If you haven't seen it I would urge any you to do so, it's nothing like the sly Comedy version. Anyways on to the new inputs.


HOUSE (1977)
This was released by the good people at Criterion Collection, I knew I had to see this movie just by the cover, mind you I had never seen it before at that time. But It is one hell of a art style for it's time some of the visual's are insanely awesome, truly a lost gem. This movie is subtitles but a must watch for anyone who wants to see something different and trust me this is different. Well worth the price of the movie.

BODY BAGS (1993)
This John Carpenter movie is a compilation of 3 stories, with the story teller which happens to be "John Carpenter" which happens to be my favorite character in the movie. But The stories are decent and should be given a watch for sure. To find this movie in a region 1 is a little pricey and somewhat hard to find.

This is a great movie and has a great payoff at the end considering his job occupation which is a sound editor / recorder. Give this a watch I know you should enjoy this.

I just talked about this movie on another thread, about it being on my want list. I enjoyed this movie, its basically "Rear Window" on a Highway, with a splash of the "Duel" movie also. Something about this appealed to me a lot. To find this movie in a region 1 is a little pricey and somewhat hard to find. But if you get the chance you should watch it.

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