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Well l hear alot of guys do trim them selfs and keep the hair on there balls tidy
I know alot of guys expect women to shave off all there pubic hair or have there in a well trimmed style

I have to say that it is not what is down under it is what you have above the vagina or peenis and ball area

I heard all this shaving and trimming came from porno films

it makes me laugh sometimes
I personally still find it baffling how we went from nobody ever giving a shit - for either gender - that there was hair down there to the vast majority of people caring ALMOST OVERNIGHT. I'm still of the considered opinion that a woman should have hair somewhere else on their body besides their head. And since it doesn't look nearly as good on their legs or in their armpits... Having pubes also gives a person (not just the woman herself) something else to play with down there. Bring back the bush!
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