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I like the whole mythology. I think there's a lot more places they could go with it
But they won't. Somehow the Alien franchise ended up in The Ripley Show. Most fanboys will say it, Sigourney loves to say it: it's all about Ripley. And it shouldn't. It's astonishing that a movie about aliens is confined to one woman or one motive: bio weapons. Resurrection was terrible as part of a larger story. It's 200 years later than Alien3 and they still need Ripley and they still want to use the Xenomorphs as weapons. Really? They still try to do that after 200 years? Had they a choice between shit that just doesn't work: turning lead into gold and taming xenomorphs? It's a universe with massive space stations, androids and the ability to clone people and they still want to use animals in warfare? Ugh.
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