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I love the first 2, and hated the third. The second one is my favorite of the bunch, and it is the only time Blade ever goes up against a truly frightening villain (a least as far as the movies go).

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I just recently rewatched the 'Blade' movies. In fact, I made a point on facebook (of all places) that the movies are far superior to the comics, terms of the titular character itself. Just a quick comparison:


-Human that hates vampires.
-No superhuman feats or skills.
-Crafted his own weaponry and is a master of using them all.
-Didn't gain any sort of superhuman powers until he made contact with Morbius.
-Worst of Whistler.


-Half-human, half-vampire, which all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses (sight, smell, hearing, etc).
-Whistler crafts all of his weapons...and their badassness.
-Needs a serum or blood to keep vampiric thirst at bay.
-Superhuman feats of strength and master of all weapons.

The movies far outweigh the comics, which NEVER happens. They somehow managed to take a badass vampire hunter and turn him into a SUPER BADASS vampire hunter. The movie movie lacked in a lot of areas, especially the villain. Really? They call him "Drake" instead of fucking DRACULA?! Dominic Purcell seemed to have phoned in that role as there was literally nothing to it. It was easily the worst incarnation of Dracula and easily the worst villain in the entire series.

In any case, the first two damned good though. As far as which one is better? I think it's a close tie, but the second takes the extra crumbles from the cake.
Blade had vampire abilities since the 70s. He was always superhuman. Morbius made him stronger and more Vampire-like, but in the comics Frost bit Blade's mother while she was pregnant. This bite passed some abilities to Blade. The movie just pushed those abilities a bit further.

Also, Whistler was originally created for the old 90's Spiderman: The Animated Series. Plus, in SM:TAS, Blade was exactly like he was in the movie, he had all of the Vampire's abilities and none of their weaknesses. The movie took more than a few pointers from this series.

One more thing, in the comics, the decedents of Dracula changed their name to Drake to hide the fact that they were decedents. And as a disguise, Dracula took on the alias of Justin Drake.

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