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Christ; tell me how you really feel?

The fact that you can say Behind the Mask is "unoriginal," baffles me. It's probably the most original slasher film to come out since Scream. Seriously, Behind the Mask is in a class by itself. Try and a name another movie similar to it...

Now, your "predictable" comment has got me laughing out loud. It's predictable because Leslie's explaining the damn thing to you! Oh, you meant the very end? Bullshit. That's not telegraphed it the slightest bit. And even if you did guess it, it's probably only because you're one of those people who constantly guess throughout the film and happened to luck out with this one.

Bad acting? Life is full of bad acting, sweetie. This movie was attempting to resemble real life. If there's any bad acting in Behind the Mask, it's totally justified.

"Lacks any tension." This is just a rehash of you saying it's "predictable."

"doing practically nothing with the Robert Englund" Nothing? The guy is a major part of the film. He's the opposite of everything Leslie stands for. He's also in a bunch of scenes. What, did you expect him to break into his Krueger character? Now, Hodder, he was underused.

'above average" Madam, if this is how you treat movies you find to be "above average," I think you might want to take a closer look at how you critique film.

Good day.
That's one of the most disappointing things about the film, they came up with a really original idea then ruined it with cliches and poor writing. Taylor saw Leslie sabotage the axe but still chooses that same weapon?? And challenging me to name another movie like it is silly because Man Bites Dog follows the exact same plot which I would expect such a huge fan of Behind the Mask to already know.

I'm not someone who tries to second-guess a movie at all but this twist was really obvious, from the moment Taylor refuses the drink and the way Leslie treats her with such care and caution throughout the whole process, when she asks if he's in love with Kelly and he looks at her with almost a pained expression, when Eugene says he likes Taylor because she's a spitfire.. the twist was in your face all along, it was something I couldn't avoid picking up on.

The bad acting isn't one of the main problems for me, it just took away from the believability at times. As for Robert Englund, his character showed up at the farmhouse at the perfect time, I was thinking he would have some sort of showdown with Leslie or at least have some part in scuppering his plan and then he's just knocked out by accident and that's the end of that.

What are you talking about, I need to critique films differently? You asked me only for my criticisms on the film, so obviously it wasn't going to come across as a balanced review that any film fan would normally give. The movie had a lot of good points, but I didn't enjoy those quite as much as you did. I don't need to change the way I critique just because my opinion differs to yours.
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