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"Key" films you haven't seen (could be embarrassed)

My mate claims to be a major movie buff, but the the "key" films he hasn't seen include the Godfather trilogy, Scarface and Goodfellas.

I therefore have refused to acknowledge him as a film buff because he hasn't seen these really important films, but it got me thinknig about some probably major big imporant or "key" films I've yet to see.

1. The Rocky Horror Picture show
2. Gone with the Wind
3. 400 Blows
4. Jean de Florette
5. The Good, the bad and the Ugly
6. Seven Samurai or the Magnificient Seven for that matter
7. It's a Wonferful Life
8. Sunset Boulevard
9. Spirited Away
10. Anything with Charlie Chaplin in

I mean I should really see these films at somepoint. Come on guys what are you really embarrased at not having seen?!
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