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Pulp Fiction-10/10, infinitely re-watchable, infinitely quotable, one of two films I know of to truly capture the mood and essence of the current generation (the other is a little bit further down on your list).
Donnie Darko-5/10, to be honest I have never finished this, puts me to sleep every time.
Reservoir Dogs-9/10, infinitely re-watchable, infinitely quotable, top 5 gangster flick of all time IMO.
Memento-9/10, what a mind fuck! Sure it's not good the second time around, but that first trip, WOW!
City of God-6/10, overrated, I thought the time in the village, focusing on the peoples lives there was much more interesting than when the kid left for the city and joined the gang. IMO, Menace II Society dealt with this subject in a much better way.
Inglourious Basterds-7/10, is ok, Aldo Raine is entertaining for awhile but when he and his gang aren't scalping Nazi's, it seriously loses steam IMO.
The Shawshank Redemption-most overrated ever IMO, when I think of sentimental Hollywood tripe, this is the first flick that comes to mind. Andy gets completely fucked over more times than one can count (both literally and figuratively) yet remains a swell guy. Then the way it is neatly wrapped up and he "wins" in the end. Bleh, make me puke in my mouth. I much prefer Sleepers for a more accurate and telling story about wrongful imprisonment, abuse in prison, and the effects of it all.
The Dark Knight-7/10, probably the best super hero movie ever.
Fight Club-9/10, infinitely re-watchable, infinitely quotable, another film that seemed to capture lightning in a bottle, the writer having his hand on the pulse of a generation.
Se7en-8/10, dark, edgy, compelling, and twisted are all words that describe Se7en. I also think Pitt and Freeman are exceptional here. Just a great thriller all the way around.

Now rate mine.

The Silence of the Lambs
There Will Be Blood
Pulp Fiction
The Empire Strikes Back
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Fight Club
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

It is hard to just pick 10 and the list changes all the time. It is very hard for me to leave the rest of Scorsese's catalogue, some of Pacino's early work, Heat, and Reservoir Dogs off the list. If I went with my gut it would be all gangster and cop flicks, lol. Plus I had to put at least ONE comedy in there.
I'm against sentimental films for the most part, but I think most everyone likes some films or at least one film that is sentimental. Shawshank is one of those films for me. And yes, I know that it says that Prison is "no fairy tale world", but it's more of a buddy film than anything. I thought Clancy Brown added enough brutality to make it work. Some of the older people I know get upset when he beats fatass down.

Really, I think bringing that criticism to this film is mostly people looking to be edgy.

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