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I was unsure of how to interpret Jennifer Lawrence's onstage birthday wish to Emmanuelle Riva. I'm sure she meant well by it, but it still kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I'm probably just being a dick though.

All in all, the only reason I didn't do better with my predictions is because I actually decided to take a chance on Amour by predicting it for Actress and Original Screenplay. I guess that really was just wishful thinking all along.

I should have seen Brave coming, and in fact, I almost predicted it, but I thought, "No, the Academy won't give it to a lesser Pixar effort when there's actual, good competition this year." My mistake.

I should have also seen the writing on the wall for Christoph Waltz.

No real surprises, other than the tie for Sound Editing. I don't think anyone ever sees a tie coming.
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