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Q. How do you give a speech so arrogant and self-centered it comes across as obnoxious for Hollywood
A. See: Tarantino
Wait, what? He said that actors make his screenplays look as good as they do and said that it was a great year for writing. Maybe I need to listen to it again, but I didn't find it arrogant or self-centered.

Anyway, I thought it was a great list of winners. Waltz and Tarantino winning made my night. I thought Hoffman was the best supporting actor of the year, but Waltz was also incredible in Django. Another favorite win of mine was Ang Lee. Not only is what he pulled off an incredible achievement, but does he not look like the nicest goddamn person on the planet? He seemed even happier seeing some of his crew win than when he won himself.

As for the show, it was certainly better than the last three years (best since Jackman). There were some dull spots and MacFarlane never seemed as in control as I expected him to be, but there were some great moments and while the show dragged a bit, I thought it was more because of the production itself (the Chicago/Dreamgirls shit was unnecessary) than MacFarlane.

Best speech was Day-Lewis for sure. His joke about Streep was hilarious.
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