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I thought this year was a great show. Macfarlane did a great job as host and the amount of entertainment this show had was a notch above other years.

The winners all were great, I can not complain about any winner, even though I had my bets on other winners for certain categories, the fact that every category had 5 (or 9) great nominees meant there were no upsets and deserving winners all around.

I saw briefly on the last page that someone thought Tarantino's speech was arrogant?! Please expand on that! His entire speech was about how casting great actors is the reason he wins the awards because they escalate what he wrote to the greatness that they become! And then his parting sentiment was how this year in particular had 10 great nominees and this was a great year for writing!

I dont get all the hate for Jennifer Lawrence... she is my number 1 hollywood hotty! I love her, her personality is very pure and funny and I was glad she won.

And of course seeing Ben Affleck get his 2nd Oscar was the cherry, super happy for him! Seems like a genuine dude, but being a fan of Kevin SMith means you have never left Affleck's side, cuz he was the bomb in phantoms yo!

all in all... a great show this year!
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