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Another year, another Oscar ceremony. Even though I always watch these, they tend to feel less relevant year after year.

I managed to see five of the nine Best Picture nominees before the ceremony, which is a first for me. My personal picks were either Argo or Zero Dark Thirty (pleasantly surprised by how good this film was, when I was just expecting a piece of propaganda), so I'm happy Affleck got it. FINALLY the Gigli and Bennifer jokes can stop; the man has proved himself.

Some random thoughts:

- Seth McFarlane was a good host, getting off some pretty good jokes ("Cocaine trees as far as the eye could see"). Like Family Guy, it was all completely random, but it worked. Proof that the Oscars don't have to be so damn highbrow all the time.

- One exception to this: William Shatner. Am I the only that finds nothing special about this man? He's a horrible actor IMO and not funny at all.

- Ang Lee seems like the nicest, most humble man in the world.

- I'm a massive QT fan (even if he comes off as an egomaniac at times), so I'm happy he won the Screenplay award. Django is not BP material, but the writing is ace.

- No disrespect to Shirley Bassey, but the Bond tribute was LAME. A song and a montage, that's it? Having all the Bonds onstage would have been epic - but Sean Connery probably said No since he's enjoying retirement too much, and that killed the idea.

- Using the Jaws theme to cut people off was cute at first, but disrespectful after a while.

- Michelle Obama presenting Best Picture felt out-of-place. The minute they announced her I thought for sure Lincoln was going to win (The White House gives an award to one of its most famous tenants - it just seemed so obvious). Thankfully it didn't happen.

- They still can't find a way to cut down the length of these shows. Here's an idea: stop with all the musical numbers!

- Christopher Plummer, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ang Lee: total class.

- Did anyone else find it odd that Meryl didn't even open the envelope before announcing Day-Lewis? Nothing wrong with the win itself, but it just seemed really strange

- Haven't seen Brave, but judging from the so-so reviews and everyone calling it Pixar's worst, I was expecting Ralph or Frankenweenie to take it home. And then the director goes up on stage wearing a kilt: Tool.

- Once again, the In Memoriam segment leaves people out, among them Larry Hagman and David R. Ellis. I miss Tony Scott.

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