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I completely forgot about Gladiator and Beautiful Mind winning back to back... and didnt know about Streep... I guess it just hit me this year with John Goodman because of how much I love him and i thought it was a cool little thing that im sure he is (the littlest bit) proud of!

I also noticed that Kyle Chandler was in 2 of the Best Picture Nominees this year (and of course 1 of them being the winner) Argo & Zero Dark Thirty.

The show seems to be very split with people on who enjoyed it and who didnt... i thought it was one of the best shows in recent memory. They broke up the awards greatly with great entertainment, perhaps my love of Les Miserables clouds my judgment, but that cast performance was pry the best live performance I have ever seen at the Oscars, with maybe the exception of Robin Williams doing Blame Canada!

I guess it goes to show how this country is now, which is a damn shame... you cant do anything but say "hello" and "Good bye" because anything else SOMEONE will be offended by!

We have Anti Defamation leagues who do nothing but wait for someone to say something a bit off kilter so they can get their names in the paper or on the internet.

But with the ratings being nearly 20% better than last years ratings, I wouldnt be surprised if Mcfarlane is asked back
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