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John C. Reilly was mentioned earlier about being in the most Best Picture nominees in one year and I've been trying to think of actors who were in two Best Pictures in one year.
Actually, John C. Reilly's record is shared. He was the fourth person to appear in three Best Picture nominees in the same year. The other three are Claudette Colbert (1934: It Happened One Night, Cleopatra, Imitation of Life), Charles Laughton (1935: Mutiny on the Bounty, Les Miserables, Ruggles of Red Gap), and Thomas Mitchell (1939: Gone with the Wind, Stagecoach, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington). Reilly's inclusion is perhaps more impressive, however, because he was the only one to have achieved this feat in a year of five nominees as opposed to ten nominees for Mitchell and twelve nominees for both Colbert and Laughton. Also worth noting is that in all four of these cases, the actor appeared in the Best Picture winner.

Hooray for Oscar trivia!

In any case, starring in two Best Picture nominees in a single year has been done many times. It happened several times just last year:

Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life and Moneyball
Jessica Chastain in The Tree of Life and The Help
Viola Davis in The Help and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
John Goodman in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Artist
Tom Hiddleston in Midnight in Paris and War Horse

So yeah, I'd say that's not really too big a deal if five actors can do it in a single year.

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