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I have this one neighbor that's made it a habit to call the cops on me when I run pneumatic tools while I'm restoring some customers cars. This isn't my primary job(a side job), but it is one of my sources of income. The cops have been out to see me a handfull of times, and as soon as they leave I just start running them again. For those of you that aren't familiar with pneumatic they are tools that run off an air compressor as a power source that use psi to turn them rather than an electrical source. I confronted him and we had a verbal altercation. I threatened to beat the fuck out of him and then take a hammer to his face for being such a whiney cocksucker neighbor. He didn't like that and called the cops and reported me for violent threats with intent to do harm. It was my word against his that was about three weeks ago.

This other asshole neighbor I have, an ex-con biker has a problem with me revving my cars up everyday. I have an 800 hp 70 roadrunner and 70 charger as well as a 67 I start everyday and let idle for around 5 minutes. Yes the Roadrunner is extremely loud, this is the only time I have to do this though.

I had a confrontion with this guy over his fence, this guy didn't call the cops but did make a threat to do damage to one of my cars. I told him to come out to the middle of the street so I can beat him with in an inch of his life. I went on to call him a bitch and a pussy for hiding over his fence like a vagina. Of course he didn't , which was actually smart on his part because I would have. From that day on he does everything louder as if were having some kind of noise war. Regardless the guy is a meth addict and a loser.

I got shitty neighbors. I need to find a place that's on a few acres.
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