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Well most of you have never been involved in setting up a convention and bringing in the big names to show up and sign. These celebrities are either paid up front or promised a certain cut of autographs/entrance fees.
I can't speak for every organization, but C2 Ventures in Dallas doesn't pay appearance fees. They just cover the hotels and flights.

It isn't like Patrick Stewart takes your $200 and jams it into his wallet. That goes to the promoter, at the end of the day it is usually the promoter who sets up pricing.
Again, not at the local ones here. One of the guys who runs the local shows told me the celebs' agents set the rates, and the promoters aren't even allowed to negotiate.

At the end of the day, the celebs get their cut. Yea it sucks to pay $400 or whatever you mentioned for Harrison Ford but you think he is gonna hang out and listen to SW and IJ nerds all day for minimum wage? Fuck no.
Then in my opinion, he's let the fame go to his head, and isn't worth meeting. People like me gave him the bulk of his notoriety by paying to see his work, and he's nothing without the fans.

Plus it isn't just Harrison getting paid in this example, his agent gets a cut of that too. So now your $400 (or $15 in the case of the Peter Mayhew I purchased), is now split at least 3 ways.
Well, I'm not interested in stuffing anyone else's pocket; that should be the celebs' responsibility. I do have a cool story about Mr. Mayhew, though; the company my aunt once worked for does his taxes, and she got to meet him a few times.

If you make $100/hr as a programmer or doctor and you live comfortably, would you take a job that pays $8/hr just because you do not need the money? Your time is valuable. The same goes for these guys/gals.
It would depend on the job, and how much I already had in the bank.

Keep in mind though that 9 times out of 10, these celebs you are paying to sign things at conventions will do so for free if you find them in an airport or movie set. Not as easy to track them down this way but it works.
Yeah, but unless you live near a regularly-used filming location, you still have to pay a ton of cash to get there. It sucks, plain and simple.
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