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The only time I'd threaten to beat the shit out of my myself is if I was stupid enough to move out to your neck of the woods in a place as stupid and shitty as Texas. If I were you I would have killed myself a long time ago living in that dumbass faggot infested shithole.
Austin does have a large homosexual community, you've got me there. As a very liberal bastion in a large and populus conservative state, homosexual Texans tend to flock here and we're often called "the San Francisco of the South." It turns out they don't like that word in case you didn't know, it's considered very rude and is generally a sign of bigotry. We were again named one of the ten best cities in the country to live though by the fairly authoritative Bloomberg/Business Week yearly poll. We have the lowest rate of unemployment of any major city in the nation, the 6th highest percentage of graduate degree holders, and are a major center for tech, design, art, music, film, biomedical and pharmaceutical research, industrial automation, and education so you may be a bit off on the infestation of dumbasses relative to the rest of the country. I have great neighbors too, so somehow I manage to go on living.

Anyway, by your own admission you make very loud and disturbing noise on a regular basis and then verbally assault and threaten your neighbors (apparently with the intent to follow through), so whatever their own personal faults they have every reason to have a problem with you, your noisiness, and your anger management problems. Calling the police seems the reasonable thing to do on their part.

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