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William Shatner, on the other hand, wanted $495 for 15 mins with him at Comic Con. I just laughed and thought, "What a S'pange!" But yeah, there was a line to see him. So I laughed again.
But The Shat is a big name compared to Dick Inurazz who's biggest role is playing a background alien for five seconds in Star Wars 30 years ago. And his only income comes from sitting behind a desk every week signing a few photo's for the die hard fans.
Meanwhile William Fatnner has the choice of going to a convention, doing a segment on the Academy Awards show, having a cameo on a sitcom, being a guest on a gameshow. Of course it will cost more money to see him.

Harrison Ford loathes Star Wars and Indiana Jones fans. If he ever decides to appear at a convention to sign all the Indy and Han merchandise the geeks will bring he can ask topmoney. And fans will gladly pay because it will be the only time in their life to get a scribble and a condescending look from Ford. Supply and demand.
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