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Not going to lie, I think it would be awesome if Baldwin were asking for $5 to sign stuff in the street. Would be a hilarious sight.
What if he gave a discount if you used your Capital One credit card? Now that would be funny.

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Really? I don't know about you, but if I was already financially set for life (as virtually anyone who makes 7 figures a year is -- providing they don't have a bad spending habit/gambling addiction and invest wisely), but any time I genuinely had something better to do with my time I'd do that instead, be it a public appearance or not -- no fee required. Let's not make money a drug in this world any more than it already is.
LOL You must not make much money and grew up poor. Most people who make 1, 2, 3 mil a year are not set for life. Most people who made $50k and now make $2 mil live a life of someone who makes $2 mil and all that goes with it. There are few jobs by percentage that pay 7 figures and the ones that do, do not last forever. By percentage, most 7 figure jobs last less than 10 years.
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