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Celeste & Jesse Forever

A romantic comedy with heart and brains, which I suspected would be the case given how awesome Rashida Jones is in all things. Here she writes and stars alongside Andy “I’m on a motherfuckin’ boat” Samberg, and it’s a breakout performance for her when her charismatic turn in I Love You, Man was often overshadowed (albeit necessarily) by the bromantic relationship of Rudd and Segel. However, as enjoyable as this was, the motivating factor at the centre of Celeste and Jesse’s divorce still eludes me. I just don’t get it. The joke is that these two are the best of friends, still have the urge to fuck on occasion, and are thus clearly perfect for each other… and yet they’re still getting divorced. Their engaged friends (Eric Christian Olsen and Ari Graynor) had it right in the pivotal scene at the beginning that lays the premise out for us – this is really fucking weird. There’s some intangible disconnect in there somewhere, but it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe it’s not supposed to? Anyway, after I frazzled my brain thinking about it for a while, I finally let it go and just got swept up in the journeys these two characters take in moving on from their dependence on each other, with all the hilarity and heartache that ensues. And what’s funny is I had “hilarity and heartache” written before I hunted down a poster for this space. Coincidence, yet… not. Sure, I could’ve used different words, but fuck it.

-> 8/10