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This is 40

I think Judd Apatow has really been coming into his own and a much better and more mature effort than Funny People. Good humor, real, hilarious and dramatic when it needed to be. I feel like this is what he wanted to pull of with Funny People.
My biggest gripe with it though is that it all kind of wrapped up too conveniently and the last twenty or so minutes felt tacked on and rushed.


A solid indie drama but nothing special...even though I love Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Aaron Paul. And it was nice to see MEW show off her more serious acting chops.
Biggest problem is that some plot lines went nowhere and it all seemed a little shallow overall (for example, Paul's character could have benefited from more screen time and development)
Really wanted to like this one...oh well.

The ABC's of Death

Well this really is a mixed bag...the good news is that there really is something for everyone (especially if your a horror buff) Bad news is there may be a lot that you are indifferent about. I feel like different people would like different segments for different reasons.
Here were my favorites:
-H for Hydro Electric Diffusion (well executed, and fun, for how bizarre it was)
-J for Jidai-geki (one of the 'odd' ones, but still pretty entertaining...never got bored)
-Q for Quack (great 'breaking the 4th wall' concept and very funny)
-T for Toilet (claymation but a fantastic balance of gore and comedy)
-X for XXL (probably the best all-around of the lot)
-Y for Youngbuck (my absolute favorite)

I wouldn't mind knowing other peoples favorites too, as some segments are definitely worth talking about.

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