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To Clarify some things I have seen flying around since this seems to have made it's round on facebook.

1. There is a reason this is a short trailer as said we only had tidbits of 12 scenes to work with and we have a client shortlist on what they require to be in the trailer and with what is available the trailer's producer (yes trailers have producers) had asked us to do the best we can which we have and the WB's execs seem to be happy with although personally there was not a lot

2. As some have said yes im not a comic book fan and have only ever watched superman 1 and 2 so my knowledge of superman is not as bright as some however I still don't see the relevance here this is my job and im good at what i do and have been for the past 5 years

3. Yes a tease of the new score (Superman theme) is heard in the background however we do have the full score available to us we only choose to use a small bit within the trailer

4. Although we don't show the cuffs from what my boss has told me there is a reason shown in the movie why superman doesn't react (boss has allready seen the film)

5. My Grammar seriously i can lose my job for this and you are worrying about my grammar ?


I can confirm it will be attached to a film in europe/UK however we do not know what it will be and which theatres will have the license to show it as it is WB's european marketing who deal with this

and if theres any other questions just pop them in here somehow and ill return in a few days
when is this trailer released and can you tell me about the trailer, thanks and can u gve more detailed description of the footage if you are able to???
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