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Red Sonja (1985)
Unfortunately there is an annoying kid in this film, kinda like 'Data' outta 'The Goonies' or 'Short Round' outta 'Temple of Doom' (same kid actor there), tends to give the film a more slapstick approach at times, 'Conan the Barbarian' was always the most grown up of the three.
You mean Data and Short Round are the same kid - Johnny Ke Quan - right?

Ernie Reyes, Jr. is the kid in RED SONJA - who is also the dude that The Rock fights in THE RUNDOWN, where he's thrown all over the place in the trees and gets his ass beat.
He's also a classic figure from the always-classic THE LAST DRAGON.
And I loved watching the TV show "Sidekicks" when I was young, because I started taekwan do at that age and loved to watch Ernie be a badass.

I also recall an interview where Arnie said he did this movie "as a favor to a friend" and he didn't really do it except to pay a debt to said friend. Whoever it was.