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Room 237 - 6/10

Compliance - 4/10

One of the most difficult films I've sat through.

Take Shelter - 9/10

Stoker - 7/10

Such a pleasure to watch, but it's sort of a polished turd. Wook has put painstaking precision in to harmonizing the visuals and sound here. I mean, it really is impressive. There's a particularly splendid shower scene which intercuts with a previous scene to triumphant effect. If I were rating it on a technical level then it would get top marks, but it suffers from a shoddy script. Also, Wook was running with a Gothic tenor with actors performing in a particularly cold manner, which actually comes across as stilted and left me feeling disconnected. Saying this, it's hard not to recommend a film that is, as said above, a bloomin' treat to sit through.

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