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Oz the Great and Powerful (6/10)

The final act really saved this movie. It was clever, imaginative and tied into the original Wizard of Oz film in all sorts of neat ways. It also showcased the three witches more, they are the best part of the film. Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz really chew the scenery with their roles, Weisz was probably my favourite. Michelle Williams was lovely as always as Glinda. But this movie really, really took time to get going. The first act (Kansas + arrival to Oz) is really slow, filled with mawkish dialogue - the girl from Kansas who can't walk? LOL, seemed like something out of a parody - and even bad CGI. The sets and especially backdrops looked completely fake in the first few sequences. It was so distracting. It did get much better though. The china-girl was a great visual effect and also a sweet, likable side character. I still feel I'm being a bit generous with the grade, but at least by the end of the film it had justified its existence - moreso than some other long-winded prequels released lately...