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I really appreciated Korine's filmmaking - the hypnotic visuals, the dreamy soundscape, the repetition, and his willingness to go for broke. I also thought Franco was just awesome and hilarious.

The film is a satirical evisceration of modern youth culture that can be very hard to take and pretty darn scary in its own way. I felt like I needed a shower afterwards. It maybe never quite goes deep or substantial enough to be something revelatory, but it is a crazy and, to use the word again, hypnotic experience. And it's not like much of anything else. The use of neon lighting and music is excellent. It's pop art trash that darkly and sickeningly poked fun at certain elements of pop culture.

Mass audiences are not going to know how to respond to this. It has no narrative, nothing traditional to grasp on to, and it goes to places that people unaware of Korine's previous work likely won't be expecting. The conversations in the lobby after this film will be fascinating.

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