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Went to the BEST and the WORST strip clubs last night.

I'll start with the best.
Its called Skin Caberet. Really good drink deals and all the strippers were good looking. They had a lot of Eastern European dancers working there which was nice.
One of them gave me an insanely good lap dance and really got into it. She played with my chest and bite my nipples during two songs. The other dancer was from Romania and was also really into it. Highly recommend the place. If any of you schmoes are in the Phoenix area sometime, let me know. I'll buy you a lapdance or two

And now to the worst.
I then went to this place called Dream Palace. Fucking ghetto ass shithole. When my friends and I entered we headed for the bar to get some beers. then the bartender told us they dont serve alcohol there. Da fuck?! That was immediately a buzzkill for us. But we wanted to check out some of the girls there so we stayed for a little while longer.

About 15 minutes into staying there I noticed a bigger stripper(she was kinda overweight) getting ignored by everyone there. Being the nice guy I am I approached her and asked if I could have a private dance. She was thrilled. Then told me it was 60 dollars which I agreed to. Then I went into the private room with her and she told me there was a catch. I also have to tip her a minimum of 100 dollars! I was like WTF?! I then agreed to tip her 100 bucks and she got upset because she said "I normally get at least 300 dollar tips".
At that point I had enough and told her she was being very rude and asked the manager for my money back which I did get back.

I still cant believe that stupid fat bitch would be ungrateful for a 100 dollar tip. I felt sorry for her and wanted to help her out and she acted totally rude to me. FUCK THE DREAM PALACE! DO NOT go there if you're ever in Phoenix.
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