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Went to the BEST and the WORST strip clubs last night.

I'll start with the best.
Its called Skin Caberet. Really good drink deals and all the strippers were good looking. They had a lot of Eastern European dancers working there which was nice.
One of them gave me an insanely good lap dance and really got into it. She played with my chest and bite my nipples during two songs. The other dancer was from Romania and was also really into it. Highly recommend the place. If any of you schmoes are in the Phoenix area sometime, let me know. I'll buy you a lapdance or two
Really? Cuz I live here!

I think strip clubs are a waste of money, and admittedly not been to one out here. I did go to one when I lived in Ohio and thought it was over-rated and a waste.

But hey, if you wanna buy me some lap dances, I'd be up for it! LoL!
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