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Spring Breakers is part cautionary tale of the evils of spring break and part hazy,neon,
fantasy of reckless abandon.
The quartet of ladies Selena Gomez as Faith,Vanessa Hudgens as Candy Ashley Benson as Brit and
Rachel Korine as Cotty do a fine job in the film as girls,longing for a change of scenery,more from
life and to party by any means neccessary. Hudgens and Gomez do their best to shed their Disney
good girl images,but it's James Franco as the rapper/drug dealer/thief Alien who steals the show.
He is a cross between Robert Deniro's Max Cady in Cape Fear and Gary Oldman's Drexl Spivey in
True Romance,and Franco embraces and loses himself in the the role.

When the ladies slip into the radar and glare of his gold and silver teeth,the fact that i was never really
sure of his intentions for them and the way Director Harmony Korine cleverly jumps back and forth
with brief shots of whats to come created a good deal of suspense.Korine does his best to make the audience feel
a part of the action of spring break and the characters experience with close up and voyeur shots.
The elation the ladies hold on to from an early feat in the film made them unpredictable,especially when guns
are drawn or played with.

There is no real narrative to SB,the script is repetitive and then some and my screening audience
was audibly turned off by its repetitive flow.
In the end SB is definitely not a great movie but its like a wild night you place in the back of your mind
and when you recall it brings a smile to your face.

Scale of 1-10 a 7
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