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There are all kinds of laws and they are set by the people. As long as they do not come in conflict with the higher authority (state, county or fed) people have a right to make any silly law they want.

It is amazing how liberals act when someone does not agree with them.
What you're espousing is actually the quintessential liberal position, which is staggeringly nihilistic and radical in its complete and total denial of intrinsic value. I'm not sure how you reconcile your espousal of liberal relativism with anti-liberalism, though I'm sure you've found a way.

Liberalism is, as Strauss put it, a society that tolerates indefinitely many Weltanschauungen only by virtue of the complete domination of one particular Weltanschauung, i.e. liberalism. Real conservatism as an alternative is based on being modest in your expectation of social change, rooting practices in tradition, and a belief in certain universal natural values which transcend any individual government.