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Comments like this are so ridiculous (and kind of insulting) when you have not only frequent posters here that I respect giving the film positive notices but also pros as diverse as Manohla Dargis, Roeper, Todd Gilchrist, Glenn Kenny, etc. etc. As I said above it's a film that is certainly not for everyone, but it's clearly proven to be enjoyed by far more than just 14 year old boys who like boobs.

Exactly. Its like saying Gummo could only be enjoyed by white trash cat killers. Korine IS NOT for everyone. Period. Its ok to not dig it, many people wont. To discredit it so vehemently though without acknowledging the obviously intended satire and irony behind it all and with no prior knowledge of the filmmaker is sort of ignorant. No offense intended to the original poster of course but I expect more from the schmoes than that.

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