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The usual suspects trashing Islam. Not that I care. Honor killings are a pathetic, barbaric, shameful act.

Maybe if this were targeting something Christians do we'd hear from the other half. It's just not that popular for us libs to verbally accost the Muslims and their traditions.

Did I ever tell the story about how I wrapped a towel over my pitbulls head and proclaimed she looked like a muslim becuase it sort of looked like a burka? Holly shit, did my friend go off on me. I almost said she looked like Mother Teresa and my friend would have had NO problem with that comparison. His liberal sensitivities were offended.
Extremism is bad no matter what, and its almost always born out of politics. SO before you continue to spout about liberal agendas, remember than conservative and liberal extremism is the primary reason this country is in a deadlock and about to fall to pieces.