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No, it wouldn't be, if that's what was going on (saying something bad about them I assume is what you meant, looks like you skipped a word). But echo_bravo the anti-Muslim bigot isn't talking just about fundamentalists who participate in honor killings, he's talking about Muslims. Here's what he said:

That's anti-Muslim bigotry, pure and simple. He's grouping all Muslims together and ascribing them all negative characteristics and complaining about them. As he notes, he's displayed it before. Replace the word "Muslim" with "Jew" and no one here would think it was anything but bigotry and he'd be banned within the day. Anti-Muslim bigotry is pretty common and accepted among Westerners though and this place is pretty lax about hate speech these days.
Don't you dare fuckin call me a bigot. You don't know me. And I didnt say anything remotely wrong. The fact is that there are TONS of crazy muslims out there. Sorry if you liberals can't see that. JFC.