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zionist conpiracies are distorting the war in iraq

It's misplacing bigotry to be including it front and center in the longer line of callowness, crudeness, and other more prominent causes that probably contribute to these kinds of quotes. People read controversies about Islam and Muslims threatening to kill people who portray their prophet, Muslims stoning women, Islam honor killings, and all sorts of other sandy Sarlacc traps, and lots of people rephrase that into a complaint against Muslims. I have had to stop my own damn self from doing that on several occasions, so I wouldn't confuse too much e-verbosity with vitriol. These boards get into some boxes by catching people for saying something crude even if that's just kind of the way they talk. Type. I knew what echo was talking about, and it's distracting everyone to call him out on something he didn't do consciously.

Or I can save everybody the trouble by adding whatever extra words we need to keep our pc radars from going off.

Without further ado, echo bravo's uncensored post.

I absolutely have a strong emotional dislike of religion (all religions) but nothing compares to the stories I read about Islam imo. That religion seems to be responsible for the most bloodshed and its not even close , no offense.

I made a rant back in 2008 about how Muslims in the stories I read who are extremist, fundamentalist, or sometimes even themselves disingenuously Muslim and just using that cultural backdrop to better position themselves in this war torn, unstable and troubled region need to stfu and quit being so butthurt about anything and everything , and by anything and everything I mean south park and that danish doughnut guy. They, and by 'they' I mean the people in this story I read, freakin got pissed about Iron Man for Christs. I mean my GOD what the fuck is wrong with these people in the stories that I read? Then these backwards ass idiots in the stories I read got pissed at South Park and even sent Trey & Matt death threats.
That could air on fucking MSNBC.