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Asghar Farhadi's The Past is getting some of the better reviews so far of the fest. Not raves like A Separation, but reportedly Kidman left the screening wiping her eyes.

Arnaud Desplechin's Jimmy P is getting pretty poor notices. I loved Kings and Queen and was curious to see Kent Jones (critic at Film Comment) co-write the script.

Borgman sounds interesting. Comparisons to Haneke and Dogtooth aplenty.

The Coens have another winner. Here's some Inside Llewyn Davis tweets:

Ken Adams ‏@TaybackX 32s
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is a film crafted by two master filmmakers who know how to make a character-driven atmospheric beauty #cannes2013

Alicia Malone ‏@aliciamalone 42s
Loved Inside Llewyn Davis: trademark Coen interesting characters, great music, funny dialogue, beautifully shot, Oscar Isaac  #cannes2013

Maxim Barrault ‏@maximbarrault 1m
Please Mr Kennedy, let the be more films like Inside Llewyn Davis at #cannes2013 P-p-p

Robbie Collin ‏@robbiereviews 1m
The Coen brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis is a melancholic comic delight. Star-making performance from Oscar Isaac, WONDERFUL tunes #Cannes2013

Maxim Barrault ‏@maximbarrault 3m
Finally a film with shading and colour at #cannes2013. The Coens understand that there can be humour in misery with Inside Llewyn Davis.

Alex Billington ‏@firstshowing 3m
Inside Llewyn Davis - A breath of fresh air from Coens, a perfect period piece. Fun, tragic, earnest, enjoyed every last second. #cannes2013

Raffi Asdourian ‏@zaffi 1m
Llewyn Davis is a bittersweet treat for fans of folk music + the best deadpan comedy in years. Still felt like minor Cohen Bros #cannes2013

gregoryellwood ‏@HitFixGregory 4m
Inside Llywen Davis is pretty great. Oscar Isaacs is fantastic. Great script. Coens at #Cannes what else would you expect?

David Jenkins ‏@daveyjenkins 25s
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS (Coen) Oh Serious Man, Where Art Thou? Lovely stuff. And hilarious.

Rebecca Lewis ‏@bexlewis361 2m
"Inside Llewyn Davis" is my film of #Cannes2013 - incredible performances from everyone, funny yet melancholic, and my OST of the year! (A)

Peter Howell ‏@peterhowellfilm 2m
INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS: On the knife edge between satire and homage, a primo Coens take on pre-Dylan NYC folk. And a scene-stealing cat. #C ...

Nadia Neophytou ‏@NadiaNeophytou 2m
The music + the mood of Inside Llewyn Davis was the perfect antidote to a day of rain in #Cannes2013. So tragically funny; yet lovely.

Wendy Mitchell ‏@indiewendy 2m
Absolutely loved the Coens' Inside Llewyn Davis. Funny, touching, great songs, amazing cast. And a scene-stealing cat. #cannes2013

Matt Patches ‏@misterpatches 17s
As if I need to tell you how lovely The Coens' Inside Llewyn Davis is! #Cannes2013

Jake Howell ‏@Jake_Howell 17s
Well, INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is incredible. Rave review to follow tomorrow. #Cannes2013

Matic Majcen ‏@maticmajcen 1m
Coen bros. 'Inside Llewyn Davis' It's great. And it has a cat. 5/5 #Cannes2013

Jill Lawless ‏@JillLawless 41s
Not sure if INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS will be the best film at #cannes2013, but nothing so far has given me more pleasure.

erickohn ‏@erickohn 4m
Calling it: The cat from INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is this year's Uggie. #cannes

John Bleasdale ‏@drjonty 1m
Inside Llewyn Davis great stuff classic Coen. Barton Fink, Lebowski, have a new soul mate #cannes2013 @CineVue

Gabriele Capolino ‏@gabrielecapo 1m
Inside Llewyn Davis: I just love it. Incredible. Perfect screenplay, perfect ost, a remarkable main performance, & a cat #Coen #Cannes2013

kateyrich ‏@kateyrich 1m
Why Inside Llewyn Davis is now #1 most anticipated of 2013. RT @misterpatches: The cat gets more screen time than Timberlake. Essential.

Hollywood Elsewhere ‏@wellshwood 28s
“Inside Llewyn Davis” is as perfectly & completely realized a Coen Brothers film as I’ve ever seen, but it’s about less being a lot more.

Geoff Andrew ‏@Geoff_Andrew 36s
#Cannes2013 Coens' INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is a delight: typically quirky, funny, beautifully observed tale of a folk singer who wasn't Dylan

Brian D. Johnson ‏@briandjohnson 25s
Saw #InsideLlewynDavis at #Cannes2013. Unplugged perfection from Coen bros: droll, dry & tender portrait of the artist & the time. #macleans

Liam Lacey ‏@liamlacey 23s
Coen bros.' Inside Llewyn Davis first look: slender but lots of charm and Brother, Where Art Thou? echoes #cannes

Total Film ‏@totalfilm 34s
The Coens' Inside Llewyn Davis is tight yet relaxed, melancholy but funny, and features a star-making turn from Oscar Isaac #Cannes2013

Jamie Graham ‏@totalfilm_jamie 5m
Inside Llewyn Davis: beautifully sombre, deliciously funny; one prolonged sequence that's as surreal & nightmarish as Barton Fink #Coens

Peter Bradshaw ‏@PeterBradshaw1 27s
Oh mon Dieu. The glorious Inside Llewyn Davis (dirs. Joel Coen, Ethan Coen) is the best thing at #Cannes2013! So far anyway
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