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Old 06-11-2002, 05:46 PM
Last night I saw Joe Dantes the Burbs
and I must say I loooooove it. This movie really keeps you guessing right to the very end. Plus its soooo hilarious. Rick Doucomon is hilarious in it. Like that scene where hes looking in Tom hanks refrigerator...and takes out a pineapple to eat the morning? Pure genious!

And what about Tom Hanks? He sooooo funny here. Love that scene where he starts to eat the sardine, and later starts to cough...ha! I laughed my ass of.

Man wheres Joe Dante? He was such a cool director...Explorers, Gremlins 1 and 2, I think he also did The Howling right? Plus the Burbs wich I highly recommend..

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